Dear Reader!

My name is Dr Zsolt Zátrok. Welcome to my blog!

Although I worked as a hospital doctor for a long time, I am no longer a physician in the “traditional sense”. I do not provide consultations anymore neither in a hospital nor in a private practice.

In my blog, I write about diseases and their treatment options, but not about medications or standard hospital procedures – you can find thousands of other pages about these.

In particular, I am talking about the ways in which you can help prevent and treat your diseases and improve your condition. Plus, you can accomplish it all in your home without the need for a doctor’s presence, yet in a safe and effective manner.

My articles can help you understand your health problems, your responsibilities/tasks, and the treatment options.

My past as a doctor

I graduated from a medical university in Hungary and then worked as a doctor in the cardiology-internal medicine department of a city hospital.

From the very beginning, my hobby was researching the relationship between technology and medicine and the scope of the applications of technology in this field. That’s why I changed careers and worked as a medical consultant at GE Healthcare, one of the world’s largest medical devices manufacturing companies.

A few years later, as managing director, I took over the Hungarian subsidiary of the German Dräger Medical, a medical devices manufacturing company, which is considered the biggest “name” in the surgical instrument and intensive care equipment manufacturing industry. I ran the company for 10 years.

From 2012 onwards, I follow my own path, namely I share the knowledge that I have acquired during my career. Since then, I have worked as a trainer, expert and healthcare investment advisor around the world, including England, Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Jordan, Romania, Malaysia, and of course in my country, Hungary.

My past as a sportsman

In my youth, I had sports/athletic ambitions. My multiple Hungarian champion athlete self also “hides” behind my sports articles.

Although I quitted competitive sports at the age of 21, but have never stopped doing sports and my passion for the sports since then. Even today, I train 4-5 times a week, cycling an average of 40-50 km each time, mostly through the woods and fields, cross-country.

So as a doctor, I know the physiological background, and as a former athlete, I know exactly what kind of training work it takes for someone to achieve outstanding results. Well, I also know what problems the intense training load could lead to.

There is a constant change going on

In recent decades, people’s lifestyles, physical activities, and diets have changed radically, which have led to the appearance of new types of diseases instead of the old ones. Their treatment options are also different from what could be applied 30-40 years ago.

Today, you can expect improvement not only from medications or surgeries, but you can also actively contribute to your own health.

About 80% of today’s diseases could be avoided, and if we would fail to prevent them, they could be stopped and reversed with early treatment. This aim requires other modern methods.

I write about these new technical possibilities in my blog.

I have both medical experience and medical technology experience. I synthesize the knowledge of two separate professions: I am a doctor and I also have a high level of knowledge of technology. I know what a doctor’s job is, I know about the diseases, I know exactly what it means to cure, while I also keep myself up-to-date in detail regarding the latest technologies and their applications.

The dual knowledge makes my writings special, you can find both the doctor and the technologist speaking to you through them. That’s why I believe I can help you!

Dr Zsolt Zátrok


If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me! You can find several ways to do so.

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  • Be careful, because the name you have entered will appear on the page, so please use a nickname! Your question will not be displayed automatically, it will only appear together with my answer, and you will be notified of it by e-mail. Make sure you enter your address correctly.
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