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Bell’s palsy treatment with soft lasers

Bell's palsy is the most common form of peripheral paralysis. Within this, Bell's palsy is the most common. I have written about this in detail in one of ... ...read more.

Key to preventing obesity and chronic inflammation

The development of obesity and chronic diseases is closely linked to nutrition, metabolism and energy production. Understanding the role of mitochondrial health is important. By understanding this, paying ... ...read more.

Viral infection. Can it be prevented with salt therapy?

Every year, the flu virus is a recurring theme. It sweeps from children to the elderly, making everyone sick. Here are some suggestions on how to protect yourself ... ...read more.

Salt therapy – what can you expect?

Salty air is good for your health! It has been known and used as a medical therapy for centuries. Of course, its effects are not as fast as ... ...read more.

Measurement of blood oxygen levels (SpO2)

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to function. Oxygen molecules are taken up by your red blood cells in your lungs and transported to the furthest cells ... ...read more.

What can home medical technology be used for?

Many people - either doctors or patients - are unaware of what home medical technology is for. The doctors think that it is against them/replacing them. And the ... ...read more.

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Sciatica aka Sciatic Nerve Inflammation: Causes and Treatments

Ischiasis, or sciatica, is a severe lower back pain that radiates into the muscles of the buttocks or legs. It is often "deceptive" because the complaint is not ... ...read more.

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Causes and Treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain that occurs in the area supplied by the facial nerve. The common name for this pain is facial nerve pain. With trigeminal ... ...read more.

Bell’s palsy: Causes and Treatments

Facial nerve paralysis is the most common form of peripheral paralysis. Within this group, Bell's palsy is the most common. Regarding facial paralysis, its cause and possible treatments, ... ...read more.


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