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Why is a healthy lifestyle good?

by Dr. Zsolt Zatrok

One in two adults suffers from some chronic disease. These illnesses affect their daily life, their ability to earn an income, increase their expenses and reduce their quality of life. Yet very few people address them. There are no widely publicised awareness programmes, and little is said about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. So people rush into their disease-ridden lives of their own free will. 

According to the current state of medical science, most diseases are caused by lifestyle mistakes.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and addictions are the most damaging. Of course, there are a host of others, including pollution, industrial food production, etc. I won’t go into details, but ultimately, man is responsible for these too.

Your health is extremely important not only for you but also for your family, because… 

  • you can only feel good about yourself if you are healthy.
  • only in good health can you cope with physical stress and strain.
  • you don’t have to pay for tests, treatments and medicines when you are healthy.
  • only when you are healthy can you earn money for yourself and your family.

The importance of health can be highlighted by your parents’ illnesses and their desperate struggle to regain their health! Learn from their illness and suffering!

Live a healthy life! You can avoid ending up where they are.  

You should know that living a healthy life is much harder! But for your efforts you can expect a lot of good things?

  • You won’t have a heart attack or stroke at 50.
  • You don’t have to spend your life’s hard-earned money to get back your wasted health.
  • You don’t have to live a vulnerable life with no income (because illness won’t let you work and earn, but your expenses will be all the more).
  • You don’t have diabetes and your toes don’t rot alive and amputate one by one.
  • Your joints aren’t ruined by being overweight.
  • Your stomach, liver, kidneys and blood work aren’t being killed by drugs.
  • You can take care of your children and grandchildren.
  • Family gatherings are not about your illnesses and fear of death, but about experiences and life.

It’s worth it! Even if it is the bumpier road!

And what can we suggest to the millions of people who are seriously ill today? 

The biggest problem is that there is usually no way to “rebuild” a body destroyed by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, harmful addictions. A few pills won’t erase the consequences of decades of actions against your body.

But it’s never too late to improve the condition… but to do so, you need to make radical changes to the things that led to your illness…

Your destiny is in your own hands! Make a change!  

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Eva 2021-09-08 - 12:29

I am very glad to have found your site. I will be 55 this year. I am trying to live a healthy life, exercise. I am not taking any medication, I consider myself in good health. My lab values are also good and I try to go for other check-ups regularly. I exercise 40 minutes a day and try to do other sports.
However, the resistance I am seeing in my environment is discouraging. “Why do you do it? There’s no point at 55. What do you want out of life”?
“Stop making a fool of yourself!”
“Getting up 1 hour early in the morning for gym? ”
“Find a plot for yourself in the cemetery and not an overflow plot”
“Do you exercise for an hour at 55? Every day? Are you stupid?”
“You’re at the end of your life, on the verge of decline. Why ? ”
“Don’t you eat sugar? That could get you in trouble.”
“You eat less meat, then you’ll watch your hair fall out.”
“You’ll never be healthy after 60 no matter what you do”
“You don’t smoke? It has nothing to do with disease”
and things like that are thrown at me. Frankly, I am very saddened by all this … Doctor, you are with me, aren’t you ?

Dr. Zátrok Zsolt 2021-09-08 - 12:35

This article is about what makes the difference!
People who exercise regularly and eat healthily will live to a ripe old age with better performance and enjoy their retirement years. If you don’t, you’ll be queuing up at the doctor’s and spending lots of money on medicines and tests.
Living healthily is much harder because it takes effort. And that is something most people “don’t do”, not caring about the consequences later.
I encourage you to ignore the “shouters”! Go your own way! It’s worth it!