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Life-giving electricity. Did you know that?

by Dr. Zsolt Zatrok

Most doctors today believe in the biochemical origins of diseases and therefore try to treat them with drugs. Billions of people are given pills every day, but the number of registered patients is not decreasing, on the contrary, it is increasing. My suspicion is that the concept of ‘medicine for everything’ does not fully cover the truth. Life is not just chemical molecules arranged side by side!

Signs of life

You’ve probably been in intensive care or at least seen on film the constant beeping of bedside monitors showing signs of life. There are two main parameters to which life can be linked. One is the electrical activity of the brain (shown on the EEG curve, or ElektroEncephaloGram). The other is the electrical activity of the heart (shown on the ECG curve, or ElektroCardioGram)

It is 100% proven that life is present as long as these electromagnetic waves can be detected and visualized. When electromagnetic activity ceases, life goes with it.

The main signs of life in the human body are electrical in nature.

The brain and the human body are based on electricity

It has also been proven that your brain controls the functioning of your body through electrical signals and chemicals. In other words, the human body is an electro-chemical unit.

Electrical signals between nerve cells are transmitted by chemicals. Their role can be either messenger or transmitter. However, the basic function is determined by electrical signals in the peripheral nervous pathways as well as in the central nervous system.

Some chemical reactions in the body are closely related to electrical activity, or control.

Light, colours, sounds, smells, tastes, temperature, body position, etc. are all sensed in your brain. What you perceive as reality is nothing more than a “mapping” of highly complex electrical activity.

Photons entering your eyes, changes in air pressure, taste molecules hitting your tongue, air particles entering your nose, physical contact with any part of your body are all converted into electrical signals. Electricity is the fundamental nature of your brain and your body.

Why is it treated with medicine?

You might wonder, if your body works on electricity, why doctors don’t treat you with some form of electricity, but almost exclusively with chemicals and drugs?

In addition, it is well known that many of the drugs are only symptomatic. It seems as if the goal is not to get completely cured. Is it enough to change one of your parameters to the value expected by the treatment protocol?

Electrotherapy or medicine

Electricity is for most people an invisible, intangible thing. For many people, treatment with this “thing” is incomprehensible and therefore unacceptable.

However, medicine in tablet or capsule form can be touched, felt, smelled and swallowed. It can even be felt as it spreads through the body. Everywhere…although it’s your prostate or kidneys that should be treated, the medicine affects your whole body, every cell. A little bit where you need it. Your kidneys are less than 1% of your body mass, so 99% of the time the drug goes where it shouldn’t.

From the above, you can already guess that I prefer the electric treatment concept to the drug wherever possible.

Of course, electrotherapy is not suitable for treating all diseases or conditions (e.g. infection, accidental injury), or at least not in the acute phase.

But then, so is the case with any device, object, tool, etc. A spoon is for eating soup, not for carving up a turkey roast.

The indication is science! The doctor should know which method is most effective for which disease. In some cases it may be medication and in many others electrotherapy.

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K.Gyuláné 2021-04-27 - 00:27

Azt olvastam,hogy abipoláris betegség a transmitterek hibás működése.Tiszta kémia- mondja az orvos-,- élethosszig gyógyszert kell szedni mint a cukorbetegeknek.Elektromos kezeléssel nem lehet eredményessebben és rövidebb úton gyógyitani,v.helyreállítani.

Dr. Zátrok Zsolt 2021-04-27 - 12:51

A testünk folyamatai elképesztően bonyolult rendszert alkotnak. Működhet hibásan egy transzmitter, de tudni kellene, hogy miért teszi ezt. Mi miatt érzékeli hatástalannak a teste? MIért nem kap a vezérlés megfelelő visszajelzést. Ezzel visszajutunk oda, hogy az oki terápia a megbomlott működés helyreállítása lenne. A kémiai anyag élethosszig tartó szedése nem oki terápia, hanem tüneti.