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Electricity – the basic nature of the human body

If electricity didn't exist, you wouldn't be reading this article. Not just because your computer wouldn't work, but because without electricity, neither would your brain! Every movement, every ... ...details

Why is a healthy lifestyle good?

According to European health statistics, healthy life expectancy is around 50-55 years. One in two adults suffers from some chronic disease. These illnesses affect their daily life, their ... ...details

Why does warm weather worsen your lymphedema?

If you suffer from lymphedema, you may have noticed that your symptoms get worse in spring and summer due to the warm weather. While the swelling is quite ... ...details

Why does the lymph accumulate in lymphedema?

You have lymphedema. You wear the compression stockings regularly, see your therapist every week for manual lymphatic drainage, but barely see any results ...you don’t understand why the ... ...details

Questions about compression therapy units

I have an old, one air chamber compression device, can I use it to treat my lymphoedema? The first-generation compression devices aimed to treat the oedema of the ... ...details

Compression therapy unit

A compression therapy unit is also known as air pressure or air wave device. These names refer to the same device. You can also find it under these ... ...details

Lymphedema treatment in your everyday life

The underlying causes of the lymphatic disease can be varied, the affected area and the severity of the symptoms can also vary, but the outcome is mostly the ... ...details

Forms of lymphedema

Lymphedema is swelling of a limb, less commonly the trunk, neck, or head, caused by the accumulation of lymph between the tissues. The disease can be congenital (primary) ... ...details

Tap water iontophoresis

Currently there is no cure that would permanently eliminate the hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating phenomenon, but there are a number of treatments available to relieve the symptoms. These ... ...details

Excessive sweating of palms, soles or armpits

Some people’s sweat glands are unduly excessively active and for unknown reasons, they produce a continuous and large amounts of sweat. This phenomenon is abnormal sweating or excessive ... ...details

Hyperhidrosis of palms, soles, armpits

Many people suffer from the symptoms of excessive sweating (known in medical terms as hyperhidrosis). Without any particular cause - such as very warm weather, or stress, etc. ... ...details

What causes your disease and what promotes your recovery?

What causes the disease? What triggers, promotes your recovery? What does it mean to cure? Who or what heals? The doctor? The medications she/he prescribes? The ultrasound beam? ... ...details

What can home medical technology be used for?

Many people - either doctors or patients - are unaware of what home medical technology is for. The doctors think that it is against them/replacing them. And the ... ...details

My mission

It is a fact that medical science has been developing unstoppably for thousands of years. From my youth, I have been learning the art of healing, paying particular ... ...details