Electrotherapy and implants

Electrotherapy treatments (e.g. TENS, EMS, FES, MENS) can now be performed at home without risk. However, many people are afraid of these treatments. They do not know whether ... ...details

What is a foam roller? How does it help healing?

The foam-roller is a simple and very useful muscle-management device for patients and athletes. It is excellent for relieving muscle pain and loosening stiff muscles. You can also ... ...details

TENS or EMS – What is the difference?

When buying an electrotherapy unit, pay attention to what the device can do! It may be TENS only, it may be EMS only. Others are offer both or ... ...details

Peyronie’s disease – “masculinity” under attack

Peyronie's disease is a lesion affecting the penis. Hard nodules form in the penis, causing it to become increasingly curved. In some cases it is painful and in ... ...details

The link between long-term stress and disease

When you go to the doctor with a complaint, your doctor will do some "research". He or she will look for measurable, visible, palpable, or "touchable", identifiable changes ... ...details

Life-giving electricity. Did you know that?

Life-giving electricity Most doctors today believe in the biochemical origins of diseases and therefore try to treat them with drugs. Billions of people are given pills every day, ... ...details

Hay fever – salt air therapy helps prevention!

From spring to autumn, millions of weeds bloom and start shedding their pollen on ditch banks, farmland and abandoned gardens. Many people are sensitive when they come into ... ...details

Is obesity beautiful or ugly?

Lately, I've been hearing and reading more and more "fat is beautiful, don't worry about it" speeches on the internet. Groups are being organised under the slogan "I ... ...details

Disc hernia – how can you fix it?

Your spinal column is made up of separate "bricks" called vertebrae. The space between them is filled by a flexible material called the intervertebral disc. This prevents the ... ...details

Spinal muscles and back pain

Back pain is one of the most common civilisational diseases of our time. You're stuck in front of the computer all day, then you're stuck in traffic in ... ...details

Lipoedema – abnormal fat deposition

Lipoedema or fat edema, is a condition associated with the abnormal accumulation of fat cells. The accumulation of fat is significantly more pronounced in the extremities than in ... ...details

Pollen allergy prevention and symptom relief

Pollen allergy is one of the most common upper respiratory diseases. One fifth (20%) of the population is confirmed affected. Experts say that more people are likely to ... ...details

Salt therapy – what can you expect?

Salty air is good for your health! It has been known and used as a medical therapy for centuries. Of course, its effects are not as fast as ... ...details

Multimodality treatment – what does it mean?

To treat a single complaint, a doctor may usually recommend several different treatments. This may involve different modalities. For example, medication, physiotherapy treatments, possibly surgery, as well as ... ...details

Definition and significance of dermatome

The dermatome is a section of the body surface that is occupied by nerves entering and exiting a particular spinal vertebra. Based on your complaints, your doctor can identify ... ...details

Measurement of blood oxygen levels (SpO2)

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to function. Oxygen molecules are taken up by your red blood cells in your lungs and transported to the furthest cells ... ...details

The effects of physical inactivity on your body

Inactivity is when all or part of the body is not moving. It is most often a condition that occurs after a serious illness or surgery in which ... ...details

Salt therapy: helps to solve respiratory problems

Salt therapy is a medically accepted method of healing and preventing disease. It is most widely used in Eastern and Central Europe. It was known as early as ... ...details