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SaltDome salt therapy device and halotherapy

by Dr. Zsolt Zatrok

I have written several articles about salt therapy. In this film you can find out when and how to use it and what to expect. In the second half of the film I also show you how to use the SaltDome salt therapy device. 

Nothing more than breathing in salty air vapour

The beneficial effects of salt inhalation were discovered by ancient Greek physicians who prescribed it to their respiratory patients. 

This method can be of great importance for many people today, as it is particularly effective in preventing and relieving the symptoms of respiratory allergies, hay fever, ragweed, etc. And the number of allergy sufferers is growing.  

[message title=”SaltDome Salt Therapy Device” title_color=”#ffffff” title_bg=”#1e73be” title_icon=”” content_color=”#000000″ content_bg=”#ededed” id=””]SaltDom ultrasound salt therapy device for hay fever treatment

  • ultrasonic atomization
  • 1, 3, 6 hours or continuous operation
  • particles of salt smaller than 5 microns
  • two-stage vapour production
  • colour therapy
  • for home and work use

Who should use salt therapy?

If you suffer from allergies and have been on holiday at the seaside, you may have found that the symptoms you have at home are so distressing that they are completely gone in 1-2 days once you get to the beach. This is due to the salt air!

But that’s not all! It has been proven to be excellent for certain respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis. In asthma, it is excellent in preventing choking attacks. In COPD and fibrosis, it helps to dissolve and clear airway secretions. It also relieves morning coughs in smokers. 

It will also help keep your child safe. The Department of Otolaryngology at Semmelweis University conducted a study a few years ago that demonstrated its role in preventing viral infections (e.g. colds, flu). Two groups of children were studied over a period of months. One received daily salt therapy and the other did not. 

Among those who did not receive treatment, twice as many caught a viral infection, it caused more severe symptoms, took longer to clear up and required more medication. 

Sustained use is effective

Salt therapy is not a panacea! It is a preventive measure in itself. If you use it in combination with medical therapy, it will enhance its effects. It speeds up the disappearance of symptoms. It reduces the amount of medication needed.

Salt therapy, used correctly, is a natural remedy and should not be harmful. If it were harmful, humanity would be extinct around the coasts!

Salt’s beneficial effects require prolonged exposure. The longer you are in the salty air, the stronger the effect. In other words, going to the salt room once a week is not going to have a significant effect.  

The ideal treatment time is min. 3-6 hours per day.  

If you have salt air in your home during the day, but you are at work and the child is at nursery or school. It has no effect.

It follows that effective treatment is best done at home, while you sleep. Perhaps at your desk at work. 

Sleeping in one place allows you to breathe in the salty air for a long time. 

How to use it?

What makes salt therapy effective? I’ll show you how. 

You need to breathe in the salt air vapour. The smaller the salt particles, the deeper they penetrate your airways and the better the effect. The coarse salt particles in a salt pipe, for example, reach your throat, i.e. they act in your mouth, but have minimal effect on your lungs or allergies. 

It’s true that you can inhale microscopic salt particles smaller than 5microns deep into your lungs. 

Such air can be achieved by ultrasonic atomization (also called atomization). 

The SaltDome salt therapy device

For example, the SaltDome salt therapy device is suitable for this purpose. It’s a small device, so you can turn it on at home, at work, in the nursery, wherever, and it will blow out the beneficial air of a beach or salt cave. If you stay long enough, you can enjoy the benefits within days. 

The SaltDome salt therapy device gets its name from its dome-shaped top. 

When this top is removed, the water tank is revealed. A small round indentation is visible at the bottom. This is the ultrasonic cell, used to atomize the salt solution in the tank. But I will show you that later.

At the top you see a scale showing the maximum fill level. At low water levels, the device will emit more vapour.
If, on the other hand, it is above the maximum level, there may be little or no vapour produced because the ultrasound cannot penetrate the water column, which is too high.

I suggest pouring 4 dl of water into a measuring cup. Add half a scoop of salt and stir until dissolved. 

No more salt needed! If you add more than that, it is irrelevant to the effect. However, salt deposits can form on furniture around the appliance and even inside the appliance, which can damage the electronics.
You can’t see salt in the air at the beach, and it doesn’t cover the streets, but it still has a beneficial effect. Again, use only as much salt as I recommend. 

Before pouring the salt solution into the tank, connect the adapter at the bottom of your device. Attach the cable. Plug it into the socket. 

Place the machine on a horizontal, hard surface. No textiles or sponges underneath. This will block the ventilation hole underneath and the appliance may overheat.

Now pour the salt solution into the container.

Place the lid. Direct the blown air towards your head. 

Place the appliance on the bedside table or on the shelf above the bed. Don’t expect an effective concentration of salt spray to reach you from across the room. Optimally, the device should operate 1 to 1.5 metres away from your head and blow the salt vapour towards you. 

Press the Mist button to switch on. The timer indicator LED lights up at 1 hour. 

Be aware that you can only switch on the appliance if there is water in the tank! 

Press the Mist button repeatedly to set 3 or 6 hours of operation. These are the ones I recommend, as they will give the best results. When the set time has elapsed, the device will switch off. 

Pressing the Mist button 4 times will set the unit to continuous misting. On the fifth press, it switches off.

You can easily check if the ultrasonic cell of the device is working. Lift the lid and you can see the ultrasound beams forming a salt vapour. The mist is blown out of the unit by a tiny fan. Be careful when doing this test, as water can splash out of the tank with the lid off. 

On the appliance you will find an L/H, or low-high mist button. High mode produces 15-20ml/hour of mist and Low mode produces 10-15ml/hour of mist. For allergic conditions it doesn’t matter which one you use, but for asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis or pneumonia, less mist is better. Also, in the high vapour mode, coughing may increase after 3-4 hours of treatment. This is a sign of too much humidity. If you experience this, use the device in Low mode and/or do not use a 6-hour program, only 1-3.

What to expect from SaltDome?

You should know that the SaltDome is a salt therapy device, where the goal is not to raise humidity levels, but to produce salt air. In many cases the vapour coming out of the device is not even visible! It depends on the temperature and humidity in the room. In winter, the breath is not visible inside the room, but it is outside. Once again! The SaltDome is not a humidifier, it is a salt therapy device, although it does increase the humidity to a small extent. 

There’s another button on the device, Light. You can turn it on if you want, off if you don’t. It has the full glory of the colour palette, so you can set it to any colour you like. 

You also get a small remote control to conveniently control it.

If you follow my suggestions, you can count on salt therapy to help relieve your symptoms and improve your well-being.

[message title=”SaltDome Salt Therapy Device” title_color=”#ffffff” title_bg=”#1e73be” title_icon=”” content_color=”#000000″ content_bg=”#ededed” id=””]SaltDom ultrasound salt therapy device for hay fever treatment

  • ultrasonic atomization
  • 1, 3, 6 hours or continuous operation
  • particles of salt smaller than 5 microns
  • two-stage vapour production
  • colour therapy
  • for home and work use

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