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Restful sleep. Want to know how to get it?

by Dr. Zsolt Zatrok

Wake up tired and thanks to coffee, you can get through the morning feeling sleepy even after lunch. But when evening comes, no sleep comes to your eyes. You lie in bed and hours go by without falling asleep. You watch TV, spin your mobile, read a book… At dawn you finally fall asleep, but soon the alarm rings. You have to get up to go to work. And this exhausting routine repeats itself day after day. Thousands of people sigh in the same way: “Restful sleep…How is it possible?”

According to scientific data, nearly 20% of the population (almost a quarter of the population) suffers from insomnia. This causes health problems for many of them.

Magnetic therapy is known to speed up the healing of broken and cracked bones, improve joint problems and help treat bone oedema.

But did you know that pulsating magnet therapy (PEMF) helps you sleep deeply and restfully?

In this article, I’ll talk about why and how magnetotherapy can help you sleep more deeply and soundly.

Lack of restful sleep

Lack of restful sleep can lead to physical and mental problems. Work, daily stress… from morning to bedtime you need a lot of energy to keep active. Most of this energy is “earned” at night, while you sleep.

If you don’t sleep well, your energy stores don’t get recharged.

And it’s not just an energy problem. A prolonged lack of restful sleep can lead to health problems, as sleep deprivation has been shown to be harmful to the body and mind:

  • Weakens the immune system, increases the risk of infections
  • Influences mood
  • If sleep deprivation is regular, it can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Influence on mental health. It impairs physical and mental performance
  • Diminished concentration increases the risk of accidents (at home, driving, work, etc.)
  • Learning ability is impaired
  • Can cause cardiovascular problems
  • Increases the risk of high blood pressure
  • Reduces growth hormone production
  • Influences metabolism. Susceptible to obesity.
  • Lack of deep sleep depletes you and makes you more “worn out”

Fatigue drags you down day by day. If you don’t sleep or rest at night, you don’t have enough energy and you not only suffer physical aches and pains, but also psychological disorders.

How does PEMF treatment help?

PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field. But how does it improve sleep quality and relaxation?

The pulsed magnetic field has a biomodulating effect, i.e. it activates, stimulates and supports certain physiological processes. Two main effects play a role in improving sleep:

  • Improving blood circulation and increasing oxygenation
  • Activating mitochondria

PEMF has been shown to increase blood circulation by up to 200%, especially in the smallest capillaries (i.e. the microcirculation is most affected). Improved circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to cells. This sets the stage for increased metabolism.

Another important effect of a pulsating magnetic field is to increase mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are responsible for the production of energy in cells, which is essential for the cell to function.

Mitochondria and health

mitochondriaEvery cell in your body has mitochondria, but not all of them have the same number. For example, there are hundreds of them in the cells of muscles, liver, brain, kidneys, because they need a lot of energy to function properly.

Mitochondria are the energy-producing powerhouses of the body – they convert nutrients into energy-storing molecules (ATP, adenosine triphosphate). ATP is essential for existence. ATP is required for all cellular functions, including the flow of substances across the cell membrane, protein and enzyme synthesis, and regeneration. If mitochondria are not functioning properly, ATP production is reduced or stopped. As this is your body’s essential energy source, you are powerless and unmotivated without ATP.

Inadequate mitochondrial function results in tiredness and fatigue, you can’t sleep well, your brain doesn’t work properly (concentration problems, depression). Lack of energy and cellular dysfunction are directly linked to the development of inflammation, hormonal and metabolic disorders, obesity.

Your body’s vital restorative processes occur during sleep.

“What you destroy during the day, your body repairs during sleep.”

If your mitochondria aren’t working properly, you have no energy. Yet you can’t get a “good night’s sleep”, so you don’t rest and the processes that renew and regenerate your body “freeze”. It’s a vicious circle, a self-perpetuating process!

Cell health and membrane potential

Your cells are surrounded by a cell membrane. Its outer and inner sides have different distributions of electrical charges. The membrane voltage of a healthy cell is between -25 and -60 mV. Cook MR, Graham C, Cohen HD, Gerkovich MM. A replication study of human exposure to 60-Hz fields: effects on neurobehavioral measures. Bioelectromagnetics. 1992;13(4):261-85. doi: 10.1002/bem.2250130403. PMID: 1510736.

When the voltage “drops”, the consequence is that the transport of substances across the cell wall is blocked. If no “fuel” enters the cell, the mitochondria have no source of energy production. In the absence of energy, cell function stops. This also stops the production of proteins, enzymes and other substances.

The result is a flare-up of inflammation, joint pain and prolonged wound healing. There may be psychological problems, muscle fatigue, sleep disturbance and loss of the ability to relax.

The potential of healthy and diseased cells

The average voltage of a healthy cell is -25 mV. But they lose energy when their voltage drops below -15 mV. If the voltage falls below -5 mV, the cell dies (necrosis).

Membrane potential value and its correlation

Methods that activate and regenerate mitochondria have the potential to cure disease.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy helps to “replenish” and regenerate cells that are lacking energy. Cells become functional again, and the cell membrane voltage is balanced above -25 mV. The higher the cell’s energy level, the better the body functions. The more energetic the cell is, the better the rest.

With magnetotherapy, your mitochondria start producing ATP and you regain your energy and vitality. This allows you to feel vital during the day and provides deep and restful sleep at night.

The use of magnetotherapy

“Scientific studies confirm the beneficial effects of pulsed magnetic fields on the human body”.

Pelka RB, Jaenicke C, Gruenwald J. Impulse magnetic-field therapy for insomnia: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Adv Ther. 2001 Jul-Aug;18(4):174-80. doi: 10.1007/BF02850111. PMID: 11697020.

One of the keys to sleep improvement, therefore, is the activation of mitochondria. Magnetotherapy -like microcurrent– can “recharge” mitochondria.

How does this happen?

You can have the treatment using a pulsed magnetic field therapy device. For example, there are several models of the Magnum from the Italian manufacturer Globus.

These medical devices use solenoids to generate a pulsed magnetic field in various treatment devices (cuff, pillow, mattress). All you have to do is stay in the magnetic field generated. For example, wearing a belt, sitting on a pillow or lying on a mattress.

Treatments for cell regeneration are long-lasting (6-8 hours a day is ideal). Therefore, it is best to treat yourself at night while you sleep. I have already mentioned therapeutic mattresses. The smaller ones can fit under your pillow. On the larger mattress you can treat your whole body.

magnum xl pro pemf pulse magnet therapy device with mattress

Long-lasting, overnight magnetotherapy regenerates and revitalizes your cells and activates your mitochondria. The effect can be twofold: 1, you sleep more or 2, your sleep time doesn’t increase, but the depth (you sleep better)

And the result is that you wake up feeling more rested. Your performance improves.

Restful sleep with magnetotherapy

A number of scientific papers have shown that magnetotherapy can significantly improve sleep. For example, in this study, 70 percent of patients who received pulsed magnet therapy experienced significant or even complete relief of sleep problems. Another 24 percent reported a clear improvement. Only 6% reported a slight improvement. When you add up the numbers, it turns out that every single participant in the study reported a beneficial effect of magnetic field treatment. It resulted in significant or complete improvement in 70% of the participants, while the rest “only” improved.

The key: regularity, appropriate frequency and intensity

As I mentioned before about biostimulation, it stimulates your body’s processes. But it doesn’t happen in one day, in one treatment. If you treat every day, or at least every other day, the effects of each treatment will gradually build up and the results will take shape. If you take too many breaks, the process starts from zero each time – it starts and then stops for lack of repetition.

The effectiveness of regeneration depends on the frequencies and magnetic intensity used. Magnum devices are medical-grade equipment with the necessary capabilities.

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What can a Magnum device do for you?

Choose from programs that regenerate mitochondria, reduce inflammation and restore energy.

Treatments combine different magnetic intensities (Gauss) and frequencies for restful sleep, improved health and enhanced mitochondrial activation, which

  • Increases cellular energy
  • Improves oxygenation throughout the body
  • .

  • Naturally reduces pain and inflammation.
  • You’ll sleep better, get more rest.
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Bones will be stronger and healthier
  • Helps the body regenerate tissues
  • Improves circulation and heart health

For more information, contact me and I’ll help you choose which device best suits your needs!

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